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"DROPS" Dedicated to the Rehabilitation of Orphans Poor and Sick aims to alleviate suffering of the poorest and needy people.The approach is based on the contention that poverty is not determined by the lack of money ,rather by the failure of individuals to realise their full human potential . This approach argues that rather than measuring income or consumption, poverty should be measured using indicators related to the freedom to live a valued life.
Many of us enjoy blessings such as wealth, good health, prominent social positions, and high offices though the proportion varies. But we do not have to look far to understand the plight of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Many are sick, homeless, orphaned, widowed, handicapped and desperately poor. A majority of people suffers unspeakable miseries in their worldly life. Such disparities in fortune are included in God’s unknowable scheme of things.

God Almighty looks upon His creations and sees how each man/woman lives his/her life on earth. God surely discerns how His creations whom He has blessed with worldly conveniences participate in lightening the burden of their hapless brothers and sisters.

DROPS is a platform coordinating a number of relief activities for the poor and needy. Its charitable initiatives include:
- Providing medical treatment for the sick
- Building homes for the poor
- Providing scholarships for poor students.
- Distributing tool-kits for youth seeking self-employment
- Providing facilities for the care of orphans
- Undertaking free distribution of medicines at its Medical Aid Centre
- Running palliative care centres
- Distributing food and clothes to the poor
- Undertaking rehabilitation and training of the mentally retarded
- Providing relief activities and aid during natural calamities, riots etc

All the above call for a big contribution - financial, physical and intellectual – from kind-hearted fellow believers. Make sure you play your part in this noble effort. Many drops of mercy go to form cool streams of support for the needy. Besides such contributions, our incessant prayers are important to shed light on the lives of our poor brethren.

May God Bless Us!

DROPS Volunteers.